Begin your LIFESTYLE CHANGE today!

Begin your LIFESTYLE CHANGE today!
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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wrapping up for summer!!

All wrapped up and getting my body bikini ready.
I love that even after workouts or whatever you do to get in shape. You can sit back relax. And get your tone on.
It's simple and relaxing and I'm going to sleep in it!!
If you'd like to try the wraps and the 12 weeks 12 wraps for $59 a month. Go to
And you can call/text me anytime at 912-373-3934 and I can step you through!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

90 day challenge! !

90 day #challenge!!! Who's up for it? Keep yourself on a #healthy track start a #healthylifestyle and get #motivated with some results! Kick start your #workouts, if you've hit a #plateau this can help bring you out! Start your 90 day #healthtransformation #today!!!
$154 a month (+s&t)
☆ ☆☆Greens #alkalize, #detox,  provide #energy and 8 servings #fruits & #veggies
☆☆☆ Wraps - #tighten, #tone #firm & #lift desired areas. Bat wings. Gobblers. Loose skin. #cellulite #stretchmarks #scars while reducing #size.
☆☆☆Fat fighters - detox the liver gallbladder and pancreas. Also pulling 30% of the fat and 70% of the carbs from a #badmeal or #cheatmeal,  helps curb #cravings and helps maintain or lose weight.
☆☆☆ thermofit - works on #thermogenic #technology and you're going to burn 3x the calories you do with your #movement, especially workouts. Let's say you burn 100 calories. While on thermofit X that by 3 + 278!!! That's amazing! Plus the benefits of #capsimax and #raspberrykeytones

All that for only $154!!!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Which bonus could you use?

Which #bonus would you like?
Right now is the perfect time to join my team!
This week alone 10 people have approached me about my business. Well, I put myself out there with my "have you tried that crazy wrap thing" T-shirt
And I would have them a blitz card let them decide what they wanted to do with it. And they asked me what if I want to do what you're doing? Funny thing was I had my 3 &6 yr old with me who are diving between my legs at this point. And I was thinking wow either I'm awesome or there really is something special about handing these cards out it's both hahahahhaa! Kidding. Its all in those cards. Handing them out posting on whatever social media you have and making #yourdreamscount and telling fear to shove it. #pray about it, pray into and about your business!
It says in the #bible " Then you will have success if you are careful to observe the decrees and laws that the Lord gave Moses for Israel. Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged"
If you're ready to work and be serious about #owningyourtime text/call me.
you can be #married #single #divorced #poor #rich #happy #lookingforhappiness #man #woman doesn’t matter. What matters is, Is your time worth it?
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

$10,000 GOOD bonus!!

This is it!!
The last week to get started and be able to earn a $10,000 bonus! !!
If you want to know more about what I do. Text me right away and let's get you started!!


Friday, April 18, 2014

Looking for a way out?

Here's The exit To Your Situation #flipagram made with @flipagram Music: American Authors - Best Day of My Life

Summer is coming!

I don't know about y'all but I am planning to hit the beaches this summer!!
I'm wrapping right now! I am wrapping every 72 hrs. 4 wraps one area. Then moving to the next. I use the defining gel mixed with stretch mark cream (I am a mama. I have some stretch marks and childhood scars I would mind having diminished :)) and applying it from chin to toes. And it even feel good on my feet!
I plan to go on a pay-cation in june to Panama City (have you been have any places to recommend to me?)
And I have already picked out my bat man swim suit (that's right bat man, best super hero ever!) And I am going to rock it in june.
I have been asked "do you just wrap or workout or what?" Well. I do work out. I actually enjoy it! Because I know the products I am taking is only enhanced by the efforts I put into myself as well as putting the products into my body. Which is another thing. Don't let it just sit on the shelf! I've done it too. I know life is busy. But if you spend the money use it honey! 
If you're already fit...woohoo! I am so happy and proud of you (no sarcasm honestly happy for you!) And you want to pop those abs out some more? Have a little cellulite? Want to define those arms some more or side boob (women you know what I'm talking about!)
Get your confident self back. I know I am. I no longer hide completely from a camera. I get out more I do more and I'm finding myself more and more as I grow as a person (you can always grow your mind!).
If you'd like to work with me and start working on your confident sexy beast you have hiding inside. Send me a text!
Say 'Hey! This is ____ and my goals are......' and let's talk about how I can help YOU!

Want to help instill confidence in others?  Grow a team with me? Ask me about the $10,000 bonus that ends this month (April 2014) and how you can become a leader with me :)

Hair Skin & Nails!

#hair #hsn #getthebaldgone #health #hairline #skin #nails grow those beautiful locks.
I miss my hair!! It used to be down to my booty. And I chopped it off. I'm taking the hair skin and nails so I can grow it to my waist again!
If you would like to grow yours and help brittle nails. Give me a text or call!